Potato is not used to staple food?


Available potato risotto transition

Potato is not used to staple food?
Available potato risotto transition

The Ministry of Agriculture has introduced a strategy for the main grain of potatoes, but for most ordinary people, as long as they have not experienced the drought, the potatoes are almost replaced on the table, even if you know that you can use baked potatoes or mashed potatoes as a staple food, from eating habits.In fact, people may not have the way to imagine that there is no rice, only potatoes and vegetables on the table, and give everyone a transitional healthy and delicious way – eat potato risotto!

Potato risotto ingredients: 1 potato, 200 grams of rice, edible oil, salt, water, black pepper. Method: 1. Wash the potatoes and cut them into pieces.Put the potatoes in the water and cook for about 5 minutes. Turn off the fire and remove the potatoes. Put a small amount of oil in the wok. After the oil is hot, add the cooked potatoes and stir fry them for a while. Sprinkle them into the black pepper and remove them.3, add the potatoes and rice together in the rice cooker, add normal water to the normal rice, add a teaspoon of oil and a teaspoon of salt, stir evenly with a rice spoon, like normal rice cookingCook the rice and serve it.

Also add carrots, peas, edamame, sausage and other ingredients as you like.

First, the addition of potatoes to rice helps to lose weight and control sugar. In fact, potatoes are often used as staple foods in Western countries. People often do not eat other rice or noodles when eating mashed potatoes, but in our country, potatoes are often on the table.Frequent visitors, whether it is steamed mashed potatoes or fried potato, or potato simmer. But potatoes, sweet potatoes and other potatoes are used as a starchy tubers. When used as vegetables, they are often prone to energy inadvertently.There are too many problems, so some experts believe that it is not the best choice to use potatoes as an alternative.

Promoting the main grain of potatoes, although there are reasons for considering the value of agricultural value and market economy value, but also the reasons for considering the nutritional value, it can prompt people to change the diet structure with white rice as the staple food, increasing the popularity of Chinese people.Insufficient precipitated fibers are incorporated.

However, for Chinese people who are used to rice and wheat as their main food, it will feel very awkward to suddenly change potatoes into staple foods. However, on the basis of eating rice, reduce the intake of rice and make room for potatoes.The practice is a good choice for over-adaptation!

Adding potatoes to rice not only increases satiety, but also improves energy absorption. At the same time, the presence of potatoes also helps to slow the absorption of sugar into the blood, reducing the amplitude changes, for people who need to control sugar and control energy absorption, such as diabetes patients.For diabetics, this combination of maintenance and health has great shortcomings.

Second, the potato protein content is low, the rice with carbohydrates and vitamin C in the potato with better nutrition, and the B vitamins in the polished rice noodle that are almost lost due to processing, but the protein content in the potato is extremely low, is aA major nutrient short board, but because of the endosperm part left in the polished rice noodles, its protein content is higher than that of potatoes. It is better to use potatoes as the staple food than the main food such as potatoes and rice.

However, since some of the essential amino acids in rice are also low in content, it is generally recommended to eat rice together with beans, which not only complements each other’s lack of protein, but also promotes the absorption of supplemental fibers to achieve a nutritional balance.

At the same time, the vitamin content in rice is very small. To a certain extent, potatoes can also supplement a part of vitamins, which can also be said to be a nutritional supplement.

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Don’t think about potatoes as a staple food is not realistic now, may wish to do a meal and eat it yourself?