Seven things to consider before cohabitation


Seven things to consider before cohabitation

Unmarried cohabitation is no longer fresh, but the following seven things you need to consider before cohabitation: 1.

Your feelings will change. Since you are now a “family partner”, many things will change: she is no longer so happy when you pick her up on Saturday night.

Yes, what you are facing now is the woman who is sweating from the gym and who is angry with the temper.

Make sure you know this and are willing to accept before cohabitation.


Your sexual life will change. When you are not living together, you will seize every opportunity; but when you have a lot of time, your sexual desire may be reduced.

At this time, it is necessary to lower the expectation of sex and have more sweet hugs.


Men, please pick up the mop and distribute the housework is the primary problem to be solved when cohabiting.

Forget about equality between men and women, not all things must be evenly distributed.

I don’t like cleaning to wash dishes. I don’t like washing dishes to wash clothes. I use them as fun rather than tasks.


Love is easy to worry about cohabitation. You may find that there are many habits that you don’t like on the other side, because you can try to live together for a short period of time to ensure that you can accept these habits.


You are not engaged yet. Not all cohabiting couples will eventually go to the palace of marriage.

But at least, when you are willing to live with your girlfriend, tell her that you are ready to settle down.

Unless you clearly point out that cohabitation does not mean that you are engaged, she will definitely feel that you will wear a ring for her in the near future.


You are faced with a lot of problems encountered by long-term marriage cohabitation couples and husband and wife are the same.

The important one is how to keep your feelings fresh, because you are not dating.

For those who have just started living together, don’t rely too much on each other, have their own life circle and circle of friends.


Living together, studying together, maybe you will participate and discover that your girlfriend has many advantages worth learning. When you encounter difficulties, solve them together and make cohabitation life a pleasure.