Fatty fat is gone, obesity is still going on

“Fatty fat” is gone, obesity is still going on

Shen Dianxia died in Hong Kong. The actress who was nicknamed “Pistachio”, “Fat Sister” and “Fatty” by the artist and the audience failed to resist the invasion of the disease.
Her departure, let us not think of “the superstar fallen”, nor “the end of an era.”
銆€銆€It is a simple flower that solidifies in people’s memory. The whole process of pursuing beauty in her life is the most shining star in her body.
After analyzing the condition of “fat and fat”, the endocrinology and experts found that “fat” has important causes of the disease, fatal cholecystitis and other diseases, as well as diabetes and other interference factors. These factors eventually lead to the death.
And these, they can not get rid of obesity.
When fat is gone, obesity is increasing day by day, and the impact of obesity on health is also growing.
銆€銆€How much does obesity affect health?
銆€銆€The departure of fat fertilizer has given us warning that obesity does not only affect beauty, but its threat to health needs more attention.
Cardiologists told reporters that more than 30 diseases have been confirmed to be associated with obesity.
According to relevant information, if a person weighs 10% more than a normal person, the risk of developing hypertension will increase by 6 times; the risk of heart disease is 1.
5 times; the probability of suffering from diabetes is 5 times higher; the probability of suffering from gallstones is 2.
5 times; the probability of menstrual abnormalities is 3 times higher; the risk of knee arthritis is 6 times higher.
銆€銆€More surveys show that obese people have shorter life expectancy than normal people, and the mortality rate is normal.
5 times.
銆€銆€Speaking of losing weight, the first thing that comes to mind is liposuction.
銆€銆€Unlike other human cells, human fat cells have a very special feature, that is, fat cells have a long metabolic cycle and basically no self-replication and reproduction ability.
That is to say, the number of fat cells in the human body is basically constant since birth, and the difference between fat and thin is mainly due to the difference in the amount of fat contained in each fat cell.
Therefore, in theory, whether taking diet, exercise, or drug weight loss can only temporarily reduce the fat content of each fat cell, so there is a possibility of recurrence later.
Hydrodynamic lipolysis is designed to take advantage of the non-regeneration ability of fat cells. Since the number of fat cells in the body is greatly reduced after lipolysis, only a small amount of fat cells remain in the skin and there is no regenerative capacity.Will bounce back to the original obesity state.
銆€銆€姘村姩鍔涙憾鑴?鍏ㄨ韩閮借兘鍑忋€€銆€鍚歌剛鐨勬帰澶村氨鍍忛暱浜嗙溂鐫涳紝鎸囧埌鍝釜閮ㄤ綅灏卞噺鍒板摢涓儴浣嶏紝鍙互鏄崟涓€鐨勶紝涔熷彲浠ユ槸澶氬鐨勶紝涓嶄粎閫傜敤浜庤偉鑳栬€咃紝涔熼€傜敤浜庤韩浣揚artial plastic landscaping – body sculpture; the surgeon does not feel pain, the suction site is flat, the postoperative recovery is also fast, and it is not easy to leave scars.
銆€銆€姘村姩鍔涙憾鑴?鐦﹁韩姝e綋鏃躲€€銆€鏃堕棿鏈€濂介€夊湪姘旀俯杈冧綆鐨勭澶╂垨鍐槬瀛h妭锛屽洜涓鸿繖鏍风殑瀛h妭姘旀俯杈冧綆锛屽嚭姹楄緝灏戯紝鏈悗鎵嬫湳鍒涘彛鐨勬薄鏌撶浉瀵瑰瀛h緝灏戯紝鏁呮劅鏌撻€犳垚鐨勬墜鏈疶he factors of failure are also reduced.
Although with the development of medical and health services, medical facilities and medical environmental conditions, the development of antibiotics has made seasonal factors less and less important to surgery, but some operations still have the best conditions for their implementation, from the fall.These months are the golden season for liposuction.
After surgery, it is just the use of clothing to cover up the inner inconvenience. At the same time, because the temperature is not high, wearing a tight elastic belly belt is not too hot. In the spring, it will be the best season to show your beautiful body shape.
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