Eight strokes wonderful tricks to make a balcony

Eight strokes “wonderful tricks” to make a balcony

The balcony is the only way for every home to connect with the outside world. How to integrate home and nature and bring outdoor scenery to the home?
Only a well-designed balcony can do it.
However, the students often ignore this and use it as a home for the old warehouse, wasting a space that is so useful.
In fact, as long as the balcony is perfectly planned, it will become a part of the living room, a small study room, or a lunch break area, as long as you use a little thought, it will make you marvel.
Paint a color door Domestic decoration is limited by materials, craftsmanship and aesthetic habits, and the use of color is not as bold as foreign countries.
Most home furnishings are mainly woody, and after installation, they appear dull and lack of change.
In the design of a set of schemes, the designer made an attempt in this aspect. The door, hanging mirror line and baseboard were painted dark green, and the wall was painted with goose yellow. The color feeling was very harmonious and rich, and the effect was different.
Using space for landscaping. Spread black and white pebbles on the balcony and plant the most common lotus and bamboo in Suzhou gardens in China. An ideal secluded paradise is created.
The designer created a 鈥渕iniature landscape鈥?on the balcony and echoed the Chinese classical ladies painting on the living room wall.
The thick Chinese plot hangs over the entire living room, allowing everyone who comes here to feel the vitality and vitality of nature.
Double balcony decoration is divided into primary and secondary. Many of the newly built houses have two or even three balconies.
In the design of the home decoration, the double balcony should be separated from the primary and secondary, and should not be treated as “one person at the same time.”
The balcony adjacent to the living room and master bedroom is the main balcony, which is mainly for leisure.
In terms of the use of decorative materials, it is also not much different from the living room.
More commonly used materials are laminate flooring, floor tiles, etc. If the closure is well done, carpets can also be laid.
The interior wall latex paint is generally used on the wall and the top, and the variety and style should match the living room and the master bedroom.
The secondary balcony is generally adjacent to the kitchen or to the living room and the room outside the main bedroom.
The function of the secondary balcony is mainly storage, washing and so on.
Therefore, this balcony can be decorated without the use of a non-slip floor tile that is not afraid of water, and the exterior and wall are painted with exterior walls.
In order to facilitate storage, several lockers can be placed on the secondary balcony to store debris.
The curved top is chic and generous. If the balcony is large and located on the top floor, it should belong to the 鈥渢errace鈥?
A transparent curved ceiling can be added to the balcony to make this balcony a room to use.
The sun shines through the lighting panels on the walls made of Korean cultural stone, and the paved ground of the bluestone slabs, and also illuminates the “human” shaped cobblestone path. These garden landscaping techniques are used on this balcony.A strong casual atmosphere.
The small balcony is exquisite and practical. Because the size of the balcony is very small, in addition to drying the clothes, but through the designer’s color and matching, the small balcony looks delicate and practical.
The light-colored wall tiles break the wooden sash window, and the white vertical blinds give the balcony a refreshing feeling.
Although the wall of the balcony has been built into the top cabinet, it does not give people a feeling of depression.
Leave a green space In modern living rooms, people tend to stay away from nature, so you need to add more green to the space.
If you like to raise flowers and raise grass, you can design the corner of the balcony as a flower exhibition area. The green small tiles on the wall are the best background.
Although the area is limited, it provides a good place for leisure and fitness.
Exquisite balcony study The balcony is closed with glass and wood into a small study room. The green leaves outside the window seem to be within reach. It seems that it will be immersed in the living room immediately. Naturally, the living room will blend in this small space on the balcony.
In order to save space, the designer has designed the desks, bookshelves and file cabinets to be very small and unique, which not only provides the homeowner with perfect practical functions, but also does not occupy much space.銆€銆€Eight.

The balcony is decorated with a brick balcony. The top of the traditional Chinese building can be used to create two “red beams” of red oak.

On the top, the exterior wall tiles are used, and the ground floor is a simple Spanish floor tile.

On the upper wall surface of the wrought iron radiator, 鈥渟late鈥?is specially used for decoration.

This combination of internal and external, deep and profound design, makes the atmosphere of the entire balcony different.