Taiyuan Point: Lixue Tongmai, Xuanfei Pingchuan, clearing stomach heat


Taiyuan Point: Lixue Tongmai, Xuanfei Pingchuan, clearing stomach heat

Taiyuan, the name of the cave.

From “Lingshu路Ben”.

Alias ghosts, Taiquan, Daquan, Tianquan, Dayuan.

It is a hand of Taiyin lung.

[Acupoint interpretation]too, big too.

Yuan, deep also.

The point is the lung through the original point, one of the eight sessions will be.

The general meeting of the rumor is broad and deep, hence the name Taiyuan.

[Acupoint location]is located in the anterior region of the wrist, between the styloid process of the humerus and the scaphoid bone, and the long extension of the thumb is in the ulnar side.

[Acupoint anatomy]The lateral aspect of the flexor tendon of the radial flexor tendon, the long abductor tendon sheath of the knee.

There are spurs, veins.

The cloth has a forearm lateral cutaneous nerve and a superficial branch of the radial nerve.

[Functions and Indications]Function: Lixue Tongmai, Xuanfei Pingchuan, clearing stomach heat.

Indications: 1, cough, asthma and other lung disease syndrome.

2, no pulse.

3, wrist pain.

[Acupoint compatibility]with Zuze points, Yuji points, Feishu points, Yushu points, Sanyinjiao points to cure hemoptysis.

With Shenmen points, Taichong points, line between the lines, fish intercourse points to hematemesis.

With four seam points, Hegu points, Shaoshang points to cure cough.

With Yufu point, Fengmen point, Yuzhong point, Zhongfu point, Sanli point treatment, suffocation and fullness, lung swell can not lie.

[Acupuncture and moxibustion]Yang palm, when the first horizontal stripes on the palm, try to touch the pulse beat is the hole.

Avoid the radial artery and stab 0.


5 inch.

Ai moxibustion 1-3 strong, or moxa moxibustion 3-5 minutes.

[Clinical application]Modern is often used to treat emphysema, bronchitis, whooping cough, influenza, lesions, tuberculosis, hemoptysis, intercostal neuralgia, conjunctivitis, keratitis, insomnia, silent dumb, amenorrhea, no pulse, the wrist joint and surrounding soft tissue disorders and the end of the tendon tendon.