How do Taiji rookie learn cloud pusher?

How do Taiji rookie learn cloud pusher?

First, getting started must be gradual.
Pushing hands requires a certain amount of hands, eyes, body, and footwork. If you have already practiced routines and practiced well, then you will have the most basic entry requirements for learning to push hands.
No matter whether you learn to push hands or learn to use equipment, you can do more with less with less.
銆€銆€Second, you can’t be eager for success.
Once a well is an unrealistic subjective idea, it is necessary to lay a foundation layer by layer to make a long effort. The technique must be learned one by one, after practice, consolidation, skillfulness, and improvement.
It’s not easy to start pushing people casually, and to do so-called 鈥渇ree push鈥?(the purpose is how to push the other side to win).
Pushing the hand in this way can only be said to be the end of the game, throwing away the essence of Tai Chi Chuan, and mixing other methods such as martial arts, wrestling and wrestling.
Tai Chi Chuan pushes hands, first of all to stabilize their own focus from the change of reality and reality, and then try to make the other party lose their focus and dump.
Therefore, pushing hands is not fighting power, but to win, but to learn to soften, to “introducing the fall”, until there is a chance, the so-called “combined”, only “out” – issued.
This depends on the most basic techniques of Taijiquan itself.
Getting started is to practice these first, generally starting from the step by step, and then stepping and pushing.
After the skill of the handle is skillful, it enters the second level, that is, the practice step is to push the hand, and the hand, the step and the body are combined.
In the third level of squatting, smashing, squeezing, and using four techniques of freedom, it is the general practice of the 13th potential.
Da Yu is proficient, you can use it freely, you can practice the impermanent free pusher – messing up the flowers.
At the same time, you should also practice basic skills, including pile-step exercises – standing piles.
銆€銆€Of course, the first entry is to have a teacher to guide and lead.
Getting started leads to dictation, and often pushing hands with others is also a factor of progress – time-saving self-study.