TCM teaches you seven points of acupuncture and moxibustion, wrinkle whitening and anti-aging

TCM teaches you seven points of acupuncture and moxibustion, wrinkle whitening and anti-aging

Under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory, acupuncture and moxibustion method is a method of acupuncture and moxibustion to stimulate the disease and health care through the meridian and acupoint system acting on the body.One.
Acupuncture points on the kidney and brain, through the regulation of meridians, make the brain cells active, can accelerate the blood flow of the brain, so that the brain cells are adequately nutritious and delay the aging of the brain.
Here’s how to use acupuncture to achieve anti-aging effects.
銆€銆€1, people meet the point.
銆€銆€The person’s welcoming point is located in the neck, next to the larynx, when the anterior border of the sternocleidomastoid muscle, the common carotid artery beats.
Because it connects the brain and the heart, by regulating the heart and brain, it can actually treat various discomfort symptoms of the whole body, and at the same time achieve various purposes of wrinkle, whitening and anti-aging, which can be said to have both effects.
銆€銆€2, healthy longevity points, Baihui, Guanyuan, Neiguan as spare points.
銆€銆€The position of healthy longevity is located at the upper end of the middle sulcus; the position of Baihui is at the intersection of the midline of the head and the line connecting the two ear tips; the inner point is located in the middle of the forearm, and the wrist is 2 inches in the transverse line.Acupoints are taken between the palms and the tendons; Guanyuan points are located 3 inches below the navel, in the midline of the abdomen, and acupoints on the back.
銆€銆€3, Yintang points.
銆€銆€Yintang is one of the outer strange points, located in the face of the human body, and the two brows are connected at the midpoint.
When taking acupoints, the patient can use the sitting or leaning, supine posture, and Yintang points on the face of the human body.
The main function of Chinese medicine recognition is to clear the head and clear the eyes.
Acupuncture at Yintang points can promote the operation of Du mai qi and blood.
銆€銆€4, commissioned.
銆€銆€The position of the center is located at the midpoint of the human body’s transverse stripes, which is the middle of the biceps tendon and the semitendinosus tendon; the middle point of the sacral point is in the middle of the armpit, with the fascia fascia, between the internal and external organs of the gastrocnemius;Movement, vein; there are femoral cutaneous nerves, phrenic nerve distribution.
The Weizhong acupoint has the functions of Shujin Tongluo, Sanyu Huoxue, Qingrejiedu, and can eliminate fatigue.
銆€銆€5, Sanyinjiao.
銆€銆€Sanyin is in the inner side of the calf, when the foot is 3 inches above the tip of the ankle, behind the medial edge of the humerus; sitting on the knee to form a right angle.
Acupuncture and Sanyinjiao can maintain the uterus and ovaries, tighten the facial muscles, make the facial muscles not droop, and also regulate menstruation, freckle, wrinkles, and acne.
Acupuncture and moxibustion, such as Sanyinjiao, can promote the gastrointestinal tract to better absorb trace elements, which are the material basis for prolonging life.
Trace elements zinc and manganese play an important role in human immunity, especially zinc is closely related to human health and anti-aging.
銆€銆€6, Zusanli.
銆€銆€Zusanli is located 3 inches below the sputum acupoint, and the front of the humerus is a horizontal finger.
Position 1 inch on the umbilical, 2 inches ahead of the front center line.
Zusanli is located 10 cm below the outer knee, covering his kneecap with his palm. The five fingers are facing down, and the middle finger is the point.
Zusanli is the main point of the stomach.
The stomach is a “feeding warehouse” of the human body. The food in the stomach can only be digested, decomposed and absorbed in time. The other organs of the human body can get sufficient nutrients to be healthy and energetic.
Therefore, the digestive condition of the stomach is extremely important to us.
And Zusanli can do this heavy duty.
Every night, pressing the knuckles to the foot three miles, not only can replenish the spleen and stomach, promote the diet to digest and absorb as soon as possible, enhance the body’s immune function, help the righteousness and evil, but also eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength, make people feel refreshed, youthful.
銆€銆€7, Hegu points.
銆€銆€Hegu points are located on the back of the hand, at the midpoint of the first metacarpal space, or at the midpoint between the second metacarpophalangeal joint and the Yangxi point, slightly closer to the index finger side.
Hegu point is the “original” point of the hand-yangming large intestine.
It has the functions of dispersing wind and relieving pain, and opening up the network.
Chinese medicine believes that Hegu can regulate the motive force of human life activities.
By insisting on stimulating the hole by sputum, you can get the effect of naturally curing the disease.
銆€銆€In addition to acupuncture, we can also massage the Hegu point on our own.
Press the squat button on the opposite side, or use the three fingers to squeeze the skin at the Hegu point, and you can operate it anytime, anywhere.Power can be bigger, nothing and danger.

It feels sour and can be tolerated.